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Kobrave the unknown, kobuild some buildings and realise the potential kobrilliance in your kobrain!

Be KOBRAVE and find resources and KOBUILD a civilisation from scratch. All you need is a handful of dice and a pencil. 

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This is an adorable, relaxed-pace game that's perfect for one or two people. My friend and I play using aggie.io to draw/build collaboratively. (You can screenshot the grid and paste it in or use your own grid.) It helps that we're both artistic and enjoy taking our time drawing. Highly recommended as a chill hangout game!


KOBUILD is a map drawing game for 1+ players. You control 4 kobold friends who go on adventures and build their civilisation together. It seems very light-hearted and fun!


what are Fossils used for and how to party of adventurers fit in?

looking forward to play the next version and I'm working on a german translation.


Same question re: fossils, also does fruit production from gardens happen automatically no matter what action you choose to take? e.g. You have 3 seeds at the start of your turn, they automatically turn into fruit?

I also had those questions!

The good news is that you can't get a shell, so it doesn't matter what fossils do!

Still wonder why you need walls and how acoiding the adventurers works though...


oh man im SO excited to play this o:


Ey not bad :)