A tiny charity zine to celebrate the stark binaries in 1bit pixelart
A new and revolutionary TTRPG ruleset, including three example adventures and many monsters
A TTRPG based on your favourite monster taming game boy game
Time to raise an egg and build a new world - of more eggs! Also ULTIMATE LIFE FORMS
Building a Kobold civilisation
A game about strategy, battle and retelling heroic tales
A game about vehicles, training and saving the human race
A game about long term growth, imagination and bountiful harvests
A game about curses, luck and family trees
A collaborative tale about walruses, plastic and woe.
A collaborative poetry zine based around Halloween 2019!
You and your comrade take a chance!
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A tiny charity zine celebrating 8x8 sprites
A Bitsy Chess Quest
Interactive Fiction
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An ongoing project - I'm trying to get that old-school RPG feel!
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A little game about perspective.
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